What is ICDL Advanced?

The ICDL Advanced (International Computer Driving Licence), is the international version of the ECDL Advanced (European Computer Driving Licence), both qualifications cover the same syllabus. The ICDL qualification was established by the ECDL Foundation in 1999 and has become globally recognised in over 148 countries worldwide.


ICDL Career Opportunities

ICDL Advanced units cover popular globally used Microsoft Office products which incorporate, Word-Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations applications. ICDL Advanced units cover 99% of subject knowledge that employers expect their staff to know in the modern workplace.


ICDL Job salaries

ICDL Advanced job salaries range from junior roles of £15,000, up to around £45,000 for senior roles, such as Office Manager.


ICDL Syllabus v5.0

The seven ICDL modules that make up level 1 and 2 ICDL qualifications cover the ICDL version 5.0 syllabus, with the exception of module 1 (previously called 'Basic Concepts of Information Technology') which has been designed to meet individual country standards. The new ICDL module 1 is called 'IT Security for Users'. The updated 'IT Security for Users' module reflects basic security issues that affect modern day computer users. To make sure all syllabuses are covered we have supplied the 'IT Security for Users' syllabus separately. Additionally the ICDL module 2 has now been adapted in syllabus v5.0 from 'Using the Computer and Managing Files' to 'IT User Fundamentals', making the module more suitable for modern day IT use. The ICDL v5.0 and IT Security, syllabuses, can be downloaded form the ECDL website.


ICDL Advanced Syllabus v2.0

Due to the new ICDL Advanced syllabus version 2.0 overhaul, the four ICDL Advanced (Word-Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations) have been updated, making the questions more relevant for modern day usage. The ICDL Advanced v2.0 syllabus can be downloaded from the ECDL website. The marking structure for the new ICDL Advanced syllabus v2.0 is still the same as in the previous v1.0 syllabus with 20 questions, required pass mark of 15 out of 20 (75%) and 1 hour time limit.


ICDL Expert Certification

Candidates who successfully gain any four ICDL Advanced modules are eligible to receive the ICDL Expert certification. The ICDL Expert certification can be claimed for FREE, additionally UK learners can also apply for Associate Membership of the British Computer Society with use of AMBCS post-nominal letters.


Registering ICDL Candidates

ICDL learners can study for any ICDL qualifications without registering but must register with an ICDL testing centre before taking their first exam. It is advisable that learners register at least 10-14 days prior to their desired exam date. The ICDL Start, ICDL Core and ICDL Extra qualifications incur an initial one off registration payment of £20 and £17 per examination (prices may vary). The ICDL Advanced examinations have no registration fee but examinations cost £70 per exam (prices may vary), please contact your local ICDL testing centre for further information.


ICDL Advanced Courses

Download Teach Yourself Advanced Office samples covering the ICDL Advanced qualification syllabus (full unit prices from just £6.99, examinations not included). Our complete Teach Yourself manual range is available from the purchase manual page.




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