Visual LearningVisual learning is a teaching and study style in which images, pictures and colours are used to gain information for learning. Visual learning forms part of the three basic learning styles, the other two being Kinesthetic (learning that takes place via physical activity as opposed to listening or watching) and Auditory (learning that takes place via listening). Generally, visual learners also have a good sense of spatial awareness (sense of direction) and often like to draw and scribe.

Visual Learning Courses

All our courses incorporate the visual learning style and cover desired qualification syllabuses which include the ECDL Advanced (UK learners can also gain ITQ Advanced, Information Technology Qualifications) and ICDL Advanced certifications. Both qualifications are globally recognised and set as an ICT prerequisite benchmark by many leading companies and governments alike.


Visual Learning Samples

Download Teach Yourself Advanced Office samples designed for the visual learner, covering ECDL Adavnced, ITQ Advanced and ICDL Advanced qualification syllabuses (Paperback versions starting from £6.99 and PDF versions from just £5.60 per unit, examinations not included). Our complete Teach Yourself Advanced Office manual range is available from the purchase manual page.




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