ICT in BusinessDigital research surveys by leading educational organizations (UK) show there is a significant ICT (Information Technology Qualification) skills gap within companies. The investigations estimate that up to £2bn could be required to fill this ever increasing hole. With over 90% jobs in the UK requiring ICT literacy skills and an estimated 16 million people aged 15 and over not even possessing basic online knowledge gaining quality digital skills has never been more imperative for job seekers.

Essential Digital Skills

Necessary digital skills required for 2017 will include, basic photo editing (Photoshop), basic video editing (Final Cut Pro), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), HTML and Basic Coding, setting up a website and domain and converting file formats (GIF, PNG, JPEG). The most desired and popularly used skills are Microsoft Office applications as they are used with 90% of businesses globally.


Gaining the right certification is vital when it comes to gaining employment. Worldwide recognised qualifications in digital (ICT) skills include ECDL Advanced (European Computer Driving Licence), ICDL Advanced (International Computer Driving Licence) and ITQ Advanced (Information Technology Qualifications). These popular syllabuses are valid globally in institutions and businesses alike and cover a wide range of subject areas including Microsoft Office applications. Download Teach Yourself Advanced Office samples covering ECDL Adavnced, ITQ Advanced and ICDL Advanced qualification syllabuses (Paperback versions starting from £6.99 and PDF versions from just £5.60 per unit, examinations not included). Our complete Teach Yourself Advanced Office manual range is available from the purchase manual page.




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