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ICT in Businesses

With Europe experiencing the deepest recession in 60 years, businesses are implementing every cost saving initiative they can muster. Unfortunately staffs training budgets are usually one of the first business casualties in a financial downturn. Although this procedure can save money in the interim, it’s a productivity ticking time bomb especially as technology evolves.


2012 - 2015 Business Statistics

Government backed statistics show that by 2015 over 90% of jobs throughout Europe will require IT/ICT skills, with this in mind businesses with under-skilled IT/ICT employees will be at a distinct disadvantage in gaining contracts and maximising their productivity. Overall the initial cost saving exercise of removing or reducing staff training will be significantly outweighed by money lost through productivity.


Business Training

Staff training doesn’t have to be costly especially as the days of companies budgets allowing them to send employees on £400 a day training sessions are well and truly over. In slump periods businesses need to be innovative and think outside the box, independent study can bridge the gap between training and finance. Independent study offers employers the opportunity to set aside training times that suits their companies needs. It is also noted that staff morale is significantly boosted as they feel valued by employers investing in them.


Improve Productivity

Businesses trying to choose the right courses to suit their employee’s needs, can be a task within itself; luckily Europe has already set its own digital literacy benchmarks. The European Computer Driving Licence is the prerequisite qualification for digital literacy within Europe, accepted by businesses and governments throughout Europe as the best route to improving their employee’s productivity at minimal cost.


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